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Secure Distributed Enterprise Computing

Double R Solutions is able to provide and support the full line of Entegrity DCE and DFS product suite, the most widely accepted solution for developing and deploying secure distributed computing applications enterprise-wide. We are commited to providing DCE products for current supported platforms as well as new platforms needed by our customers so that their DCE infrastructure can remain supported.

DCE provides network security, transparent service location, and cross-platform communication allowing organizations to more quickly design client/server and peer-to-peer applications in a heterogeneous environment.

The DCE Distributed File Service (DFS) is a secure distributed client/server application that presents the user with a global view of a set of files and directories (a file system) independent of machine boundaries.

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Double R Solution's Commitment to DCE and DFS

  • Products - Double R Solutions delivers the full suite of DCE/DFS client and server software, as well as DCE developer tools for Linux, HP Tru64, and most Windows versions and continues to support the latest versions of these operating systems. In addition, Double R Solutions offers additional produces to deliver new features for DCE application management and support.

  • Support - Double R Solutions offers a range of support and maintenance options to fit your requirements and budget. Double R Solutions support options allows continued support for your Entegrity Solutions DCE and DFS products. All product updates are free of charge to customers with valid support contracts.

DCE/DFS Benefits

DCE Benefits

  • Security - The Entegrity DCE Security Server authenticates all users and servers, ensuring that people, servers, and applications are who they claim to be. Entegrity DCE authorization capabilities can protect distributed resources from unauthorized use.

  • Lower maintenance costs - The use of formal interface definitions by DCE RPC allows any number of programmers to write applications that communicate correctly, while keeping versions and configurations in sync. The interface definition can be maintained and versioned, and the version number compiled into the application will ensure that each client finds a compatible server.

  • Scalability and availability - The use of replication for both security and directory servers aids in network response time, as well as service availability. Entegrity DCE installations in the tens and hundreds of thousands of users operate successfully today.

  • Reduced risk - DCE is a proven technology, which has been successfully deployed for years at hundreds of large organizations in the Global 2000. Entegrity DCE is the world's foremost implementation of DCE for the desktop, and is in use at some of the largest enterprises in the world today.

DFS Benefits

  • Global view - DFS provides a global view of distributed directories and files independent of the machine boundaries.

  • Improved productivity - DFS allows users to share files stored on computers in a network as easily as files stored on a local machine.