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General Information

DCE White Papers

Entegrity White Papers

These are white papers produced by Entegrity Solutions. Other than the contact information, the information contained in white papers should still be accurate.

PDF Icon DCE and DFS Datasheet
This is the DCE and DFS data sheet that describes the DCE and DFS product line. Also, descriptions of the DCE bridging and services are described in the datasheet.
PDF Icon DCE Maintenance, Extension, and Migration: Strategies and Solutions
Whether you plan to support DCE implementations, extend DCE applications to other environments, or migrate DCE applications to other platforms, Double R Solutions offers the solutions to support all of these strategies. This white paper outlines all three strategies and the tools and approaches needed to achieve them.
PDF Icon

Secure Co-existence with Other Middleware Platforms
Today the emphasis is on providing users and partners access to applications via web technology — but leveraging existing applications built on a variety of middleware platforms. This white paper describes the various techniques available to DCE systems to securely co-exist and complement other middleware platforms.

PDF Icon DCE Bridging
Entegrity shares its vision of how enterprises can become empowered by bridging DCE and other technologies, including Entegrity AssureAccess.