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General Information

PC-DCE/PC-DFS for Windows
Version 5.1.5

Release Applicability

This version can be installed over any previous version of PC-DCE.

New Features in This Release

No new features were added in this release.

Problems Fixed in This Release

The following problems were fixed in PC-DCE 5.1.5:

  1. Fixed the buffer overflow, heap corruption, and double free bugs that were announced in the MIT krb5 Security Advisories SA-2005-002 and SA-2005-003.

  2. Fixed pthread_setprio() to actually change the thread's priority.

    A process may have a priority class of Real Time, Idle, Below Normal, Normal, Above Normal, or Highest.

    For processes in the Real Time priority class, Entegrity maps the pthreads priority values from PRI_OTHER_MIN (zero) to PRI_OTHER_MAX (15) as listed in the following table.

    Priority Mapped To
    Idle (-8)
    1 through 5 Windows thread priorities -7 through -3
    6 Thread-Priority-Lowest
    7 Thread-Priority-Below-Normal
    8 Thread-Priority-Normal
    (the default)
    9 Thread-Priority-Above-Normal
    10 through 14 Windows thread priorities 3 through 6

    For processes in the Idle, Below Normal, Normal, Above Normal, and Highest priority classes, Entegrity maps the pthreads priorities as listed in the following table.

    Priority Mapped To
    and 1
    2 through 4 Thread-Priority-Lowest
    5 through 7 Thread-Priority-Below-Normal
    8 Thread-Priority-Normal
    the default)
    9 through 11 Thread-Priority-Above-Normal
    12 through 14 Thread-Priority-Highest
    15 Thread-Priority-Time-Critical

    For more details on thread priorities, consult the Microsoft Developers Network (MSDN) documentation.

Obtaining PC-DCE 5.1.5

If you have not purchased version 5.1, contact the Double R Solutions DCE/DFS Sales Team.

Other Documentation

Be sure to also view the Release Notes included in the documentation download and posted on the online Documentation Library.

Applying PC-DCE 5.1.5

To upgrade to PC-DCE 5.1.5:

  1. Download PC-DCE 5.1.5. (See "Obtaining PC-DCE 5.1.5" above for download links.) 
  2. Unzip the files and then run Setup. You are given the choice to Modify, Repair, or Remove kits. Choose Repair. Your present installation will be updated to the new version.
  3. Reboot the machine. The update does not take effect until the machine has been rebooted.

    Note: If you are updating a host running the Security or CDS Server as a replica, it may take a minute or two for the daemons to resynchronize themselves with the master. Initially, the PC-DCE Service Panel may say the daemons are unavailable. After about one minute (or possibly longer for larger cells), click Refresh and the display will show that the servers are running normally.