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General Information

PC-DCE for Windows NT/2000/XP
Version 5.0.9

Release Applicability

This patch can be applied to any version of PC-DCE from 5.0.0 through 5.0.8.

New Features in This Release

No new features were added in this release.

Problems Fixed in This Release

The following problems were fixed in PC-DCE 5.0.9 (also in 4.0.17 and 5.1.5):

  1. Fixed the buffer overflow, heap corruption, and double free bugs that were announced in the MIT krb5 Security Advisories SA-2005-002 and SA-2005-003.

  2. Fixed pthread_setprio() to actually change the thread's priority.

    A process may have a priority class of Real Time, Idle, Below Normal, Normal, Above Normal, or Highest.

    For processes in the Real Time priority class, Entegrity maps the pthreads priority values from PRI_OTHER_MIN (zero) to PRI_OTHER_MAX (15) as listed in the following table.

    Priority Mapped To
    Idle (-8)
    1 through 5 Windows thread priorities -7 through -3
    6 Thread-Priority-Lowest
    7 Thread-Priority-Below-Normal
    8 Thread-Priority-Normal
    (the default)
    9 Thread-Priority-Above-Normal
    10 through 14 Windows thread priorities 3 through 6

    For processes in the Idle, Below Normal, Normal, Above Normal, and Highest priority classes, Entegrity maps the pthreads priorities as listed in the following table.

    Priority Mapped To
    and 1
    2 through 4 Thread-Priority-Lowest
    5 through 7 Thread-Priority-Below-Normal
    8 Thread-Priority-Normal
    the default)
    9 through 11 Thread-Priority-Above-Normal
    12 through 14 Thread-Priority-Highest
    15 Thread-Priority-Time-Critical

    For more details on thread priorities, consult the Microsoft Developers Network (MSDN) documentation.

Obtaining PC-DCE 5.0.9

PC-DCE 5.0.x is no longer available. You must upgrade to at least 5.1.x. If you have not purchased version 5.1, contact the Double R Solutions DCE/DFS Sales Team.

Other Documentation

Be sure to also view the Release Notes included in the documentation download and posted on the online Documentation Library.

Applying PC-DCE 5.0.9

To upgrade to PC-DCE 5.0.9:

  1. See "Obtaining PC-DCE 5.0.9" above for download links.