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General Information

PC-DCE for Windows NT/2000/XP
Version 5.0.6

Release Applicability

This patch can be applied to any version of PC-DCE from 5.0.0 through 5.0.5.

New Features in This Release

No new features were added in this release.

Problems Fixed in This Release

The following problems were fixed in PC-DCE 4.0.14, 5.0.6, and 5.1.2:

  • Fixed several small memory leaks in secd caused by the login functions. 
  • Fixed memory leaks in secd caused by updating ACLs on principals, groups or organizations.
  • Fixed a bug in RPC over TCP that caused the first connection to a server to be canceled. This bug was introduced in versions 4.0.13, 5.0.5, and 5.1.0 while adding checks to properly handle malformed packets.
  • Fixed a divide-by-zero exception in DTSD.

The following problem was fixed in PC-DCE 4.0.14 and 5.0.6 (and was already included in 5.1.1)

  • Fixed a buffer error for the dcecp command "object create", where specifying the CDS_Class attribute could cause the command to fail. For example, "dcecp> object create myobject -attribute {CDS_Class name}" would sometimes fail.

Obtaining PC-DCE 5.0.6

PC-DCE 5.0.x is no longer available. You must upgrade to at least 5.1.x. If you have not purchased version 5.1, contact the Double R Solutions DCE/DFS Sales Team.

Other Documentation

Be sure to also view the Release Notes included in the documentation download and posted on the online Documentation Library.

Applying PC-DCE 5.0.6

To upgrade to PC-DCE 5.0.6:

  1. See "Obtaining PC-DCE 5.0.6" above for download links.