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General Information

PC-DCE for Windows NT/2000/XP
Version 5.0.4

Release Applicability

This patch can be applied to any version of PC-DCE from 5.0.0 through 5.0.3.

New Features in This Release

No new features were added in this release.

Problems Fixed in This Release

RPC Timer Thread
Fixed a logic error in the RPC runtime that prevented the RPC timer thread from pausing when there were no timer events to process.

Error in Creating PGO Directories
Fixed an error in creating Principal, Group, Organization (PGO) directories. The security server would fail to create a PGO item in a directory that did not exist, but had the same name as an existing principal. For example, if the principal "test" existed and an administrator issued the dcecp command "principal create test/user", the PGO directory "test" could not be created.

Integrated Login Timeout
A logic error in Integrated Login (IL) prevented it from working either over a low-bandwidth connection (for example, a dialup modem) or with a highly loaded security server. IL would prematurely time out.

Master Did Not Always Propagate State of the Password Invalid Flag
Fixed an error in the security server where the master would not always propagate the state of the password invalid flag.

Changed in This Release

SetEnvironmentVariable Used Instead of putenv
Entegrity has determined that the C runtime function putenv() causes a memory leak on Windows NT and 2000. This function was used to set the environment variable KRB5CCNAME every time the sec_login functions created a new login context. To prevent PC-DCE applications from leaking memory while using the sec_login API, Entegrity has replaced putenv() with the Win32 function SetEnvironmentVariable. Applications that rely on the value of this environment variable can use Win32 function GetEnvironmentVariable. However, the most reliable way to acquire the path to a credential file is to call sec_login_export_context.

Obtaining PC-DCE 5.0.4

PC-DCE 5.0.x is no longer available. You must upgrade to at least 5.1.x. If you have not purchased version 5.1, contact the Double R Solutions DCE/DFS Sales Team.

Other Documentation

Be sure to also view the Release Notes included in the documentation download and posted on the online Documentation Library.

Applying PC-DCE 5.0.4

To upgrade to PC-DCE 5.0.4:

  1. See "Obtaining PC-DCE 5.0.4" above for download links.