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General Information

PC-DCE for Windows NT/2000/XP
Version 5.0.1

Release Applicability

This patch can be applied to PC-DCE 5.0.0.

New Features in This Release

No new features were added in this release.

Problems Fixed in This Release

For a complete description of the problems and fixes, see the Release Notes for this patch.

Support for Windows XP
PC-DCE 5.0 is supported on Windows XP as well as on previously supported Windows 98/NT/2000.

Loopback IP Address
Defining the environment variable RPC_ENABLE_LOCAL_HOST enables the use of the loopback IP address ( This is particularly useful for demonstrations where one might want to configure a cell on a host that is not connected to a network.

RPC-Only Version
You can now buy and install an RPC-only version of PC-DCE. This version will install no DCE services. It provides only RPCs to applications.

Documentation Installation
During installation, you can choose to install the documentation locally.

Easy Upgrade from Evaluation Version
To upgrade from an evaluation to a full license, you need to install only the new license. You do not need to re-install the DCE software.

Problems Fixed in This Release

Client Applications Failed to Randomly Bind to a Server
This problem was most likely to occur on a Windows Terminal Server.

Installing New Licenses via DCE Service Panel
There was a problem with installing a new license via the service panel. When an evaluation license expired, the service panel would no longer run. Now the service panel will run, but only the License button is available.

Uninstalling PC-DCE If Installed with an Evaluation License
The uninstaller now runs even if the evaluation license has expired.

Integrated Login on Windows 2000 and Windows XP
Integrated login failed to work on Windows 2000 and XP. This has been fixed.

Local Administrator Script (preconfig.tcl) Simplified Unnecessary groups and ACL assignments have been removed from the NetCrusader/Web portion of the split configuration script preconfig.tcl.

New Slave Now Receives Updates from New Master Have fixed the problem described in Entegrity Tech Note 411GR, Slave Does Not Receive Updates from New Master.

DCE Director Does Not Work After Master Security Server Made Replica
Have fixed a problem related to the one described in Entegrity Tech Note 411GR, Slave Does Not Receive Updates from New Master. DCE Director would not work once the master Security server was made a replica.

Canceling Integrated Login Delayed Windows Login
Fixed a problem where cancelling integrated login too quickly would delay Windows login.

Waiting Pthread Not Always Canceled
Fixed a problem where one thread calling pthread_cancel() to cancel another thread that was waiting for pthread_join() to complete did not always result in the waiting thread being cancelled.

Memory Associated with a Login Context Not Always Released
Fixed a problem where sec_login_release_context did not always release all of the memory associated with a login context.

Obtaining PC-DCE 5.0.1

PC-DCE 5.0.x is no longer available. You must upgrade to at least 5.1.x. If you have not purchased version 5.1, contact the Double R Solutions DCE/DFS Sales Team.

Other Documentation

Be sure to also view the Release Notes included in the documentation download and posted on the online Documentation Library.

Applying PC-DCE 5.0.1

To upgrade to PC-DCE 5.0.1:

  1. See "Obtaining PC-DCE 5.0.1" above for download links.