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General Information

DCE Patches

DCE Patches are available for the following products. Please contact support. You must have an existing support contract to obtain the patches.

Entegrity PC-DCE

April 20, 2011 - pcdce_5_1_10_patch_dce_service_04_20_2011

Patch fixes issue with incorrect reporting of dced status on control when the dced image is manually stopped.

Download PC-DCE 5.1 Patch

November 15, 2009

Patch fixes issue with obtaining credentials for processes that perform repeated logins. The patch applies to Entegrity PC-DCE 5.1.10 and PC-DCE 6.1 kits.

Note: The dce32.dll library is named dce32.txt in the compressed file. Rename it before copying to the installation directory.

Download PC-DCE 5.1 Patch

Download PC-DCE 6.1 Patch

Entegrity DCE for Linux

January 24, 2010

Patch fixes issue with applications and servers terminating when receiving incorrect RPC authentication data. This patch applies to Entegrity Linux DCE 2.3 for Redhat kit. This patch should be applied to all 2.3 version runtime kits.

  • CDS Server (cdsd)
    1. Fixed a problem with the CDS server receiving incorrect credentials. This patch should also cover all RPC calls that try to use malformed credentials.
    2. Prior code tossed an exception and then terminated when the credentials were incorrect (authentication header misalignment, etc.)
    3. The change now does not terminate but instead sends a log message to the error.log SVC file and reports the error to the calling routine.

Download Linux DCE Patch

June 19, 2009

Patch fixes issue with applications terminating when receiving incorrect RPC data. The patch applies to the Entegrity Linux DCE 2.3 for Redhat 9.0 kit.

Download Linux DCE Patch